Sex Ed

To continue the trend of making myself less employable, I present this article from the New York Times:

Teaching Good Sex

I’m a firm believer in:

  1. The need for high-quality sex-ed courses (and health courses in general),
  2. The general failure of abstinence-based teaching, and
  3. The need to treat “young adults” as if the phrase “young adult” had meaning beyond being another word for “teenager.”

But wait, you may be saying. Even “medium adults” and “old adults” have difficulty talking about sex! It’s not a comfortable topic; we have trouble bringing it up with our partners, our closest friends, our therapists… Billions of people in hundreds of cultures have trouble with it. Why should we imagine that teenagers can talk about sex in a mature manner when most full-grown adults can’t?

That’s backwards thinking. Most of us have trouble talking about sex because we never did, not in ways that matter. It’s like saying, “Most adults aren’t healthy, why try to teach children to eat right?” or “Most adults have trouble with math, why expect kids to learn past basic arithmetic?” The job of a teacher is not to aim for the gutter.

Teach a teenager how to have a mature conversation with their boyfriend/girlfriend about sex, love, and relationships in general, and you improve more than one life.


About Colin Fredericks

By day I help to create online courses at HarvardX. By night I write roleplaying games.

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