Business and Education

Today, a few links to articles about the intersection between business, economics, and education:

Link #1: Executives Worry that Challenges of Cost, Quality, Accountability Are Holding Higher Ed, America Back
Backup source:

Excerpt: “In the report, corporate executives speak candidly about the consequences of rising tuition, which they say is putting the squeeze on the middle class. They also express concern that higher education is unable or unwilling to adapt to economic demands and lacks accountability. The result, they say, is a lack of qualified workers for the jobs they have available.”

Link #2: With no federal aid, for-profits charge less

Excerpt: “The tuition difference “seems to match, pretty well, the size of a Pell Grant,” Cellini told Inside Higher Ed.”

Link #3: A matter of money? Policy analysis of rural boarding schools in China

Excerpt: “However, the new boarding schools fail to provide a safe, healthy environment or protect and enable students’ human rights. This article explores questions of how and why a boarding school policy supposedly intended to narrow the urban–rural educational gap has, in fact, achieved the opposite result, extending social injustice.”

It seems to me that the more we inject business into schooling, and expect to make money from education, the worse our schools get. Maybe fifty years ago it was just that no one complained about these things. Perhaps I just never run across articles that acknowledge older complaints. Maybe I’m only hearing the bad parts. Hell, maybe we’re just not doing it enough – we’re in a “valley of crud” between two worthwhile extremes. It does seem, though, that every article I see about demanding more accountability, cutting costs, and “running a school like a business” ends in a sad mess.


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