Chinese students, US Schools

Just a link for today.

It’s bizarre to have U.S. education pundits talking about how private schools don’t measure up in terms of their education, and to also know how U.S. schools are falling compared to international schools, and then to see an article like this one.


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  1. When pundits bash on private schools, in general, they’re not talking about the places like Andover, Deerfield, etc. – they mean in general. My (one) experience teaching in a private high school suggests that the pundits might be right.

    When these Chinese families are exploring private U.S. high schools, it sounds like they’re mostly looking at the elite boarding schools. Now, I can’t speak to the educational quality of any of them, and I’m sure that some Chinese students end up at “lower-tier” institutions, but the article is not incompatible with the pundits.

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