It’s been over a year. I’m glad I made it an official break, because saying “I’ll try to post next month” clearly would have been incorrect.

This has been a hard year. Most of my 30s have been good; this past year was not. Nevertheless, there were good things in it, and I want to talk about the education-oriented ones here.

I’ll start with the most buzzworthy: I’ve been the course coordinator for an online course, Mechanics ReView, on edX. Running an online course is not much at all like teaching in the classroom, and I definitely want to talk more about that. I’d also like to talk some about the demographics of the class, what it takes to run one, and the wonderful support we had in place.

I also had a lot of opportunity to learn and talk about education at many levels, inside and outside of the US. I even appeared on the Ruthless Diastema video podcast talking about this.

I attended two different conferences this summer: the LINC 2013 conference at MIT, and the AAPT/PERC conference in Portland, Oregon. I presented a paper, From Flipped to Open Instruction, at the LINC. At AAPT I was mostly there to observe and get back into the groove. Both conferences gave me a lot to think about.

That should give me enough to think and talk about for a month or so. More to come on Wednesday.


About Colin Fredericks

By day I help to create online courses at HarvardX. By night I write roleplaying games.

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