Where Am I Going Next?

Somehow I thought I’d have an answer to this question by the time I had to write this post…

Sadly, at this time, I still don’t know. I have applications out to a few places, but no offers. So the question is, what will I do with my time?

I have a half-dozen projects that could easily vie for my attention. Besides some badly-needed catchup time for my martial arts practice and basic around-the-house maintenance, I also write games in my off-time. I’ve been working on the second edition of my game Sufficiently Advanced for a few years now; it would be nice to be able to make the final push on that (or on Praeceps, or Console III, or a bunch of other games I’d love to write). There’s a relativity textbook that I’ve agreed to finish. I could work on developing an online course myself, though knowing the amount of work it takes it would have to be fairly focused. I can put an hour or two each day into finding a job, but there’s only so much I can realistically do with that. There aren’t thousands of job openings at my level, though there are hundreds of applicants for each one.

A lot of people ask me what I want to do. Sometimes I point them at the parable of the apple farmer, but that’s more about what I don’t want to do. There are a lot of things that would make me happy within the field of education, and the more innovation I get to do, the better. There are a lot of things in the field of gaming, and though I’m only qualified to work in a thumbnail-sized piece of that, it’s still something I enjoy. I’d love to do something that combines the two – colleagues and friends alike have gotten me thinking in that direction for quite a while. There are a few research groups in Boston – in fact, 2-3 just at MIT! – who do this kind of thing, and I’m like to see whether they need some volunteer help for a few weeks.

For right now, the answer to “where am I going next” is still “I don’t know,” but at least I have a lot of options ahead of me as long as I can bring in enough money to feed myself.


About Colin Fredericks

By day I help to create online courses at HarvardX. By night I write roleplaying games.

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