Cops in Schools

Oh, for the love of God. And they even went and interviewed the NRA, who basically said “Shoot The Bad Guy” like they usually do, when that’s clearly not the only way to do things.

Where are they going to put them? $45 million for 356 officers? There are, as of the 2010 census, 13,809 school districts in the United States, with 132,656 schools. Even if you just look at the public ones, this provides just a single officer for just 0.38% of all the schools in the USA. Which ones? Do you have a list of the 300 worst schools in the USA? 300 Schools In Worst Neighborhoods, not that that makes much of a difference? Do you have a list of the 300 Schools Most Likely To Have A Shooting? Or is this going to the 300 schools with the students most beloved by their parents?

This is a weak token gesture that spends $45 million to no effect, either positive or negative. It shouldn’t have even been brought up as a possibility. The only thing I can be happy about with this right now is that, thanks to the government shutdown, this won’t go anywhere for a while.

Strangely, I have no problem with having a cop around your school all the time. It’s infinitely better than giving guns to teachers, and it could be decent PR for the police department if they had an officer who could connect with the students – no easy feat in this day when our examples of the police are less than stellar. The officer would probably get pretty bored and distracted, which is a hazard in and of itself when you’re surrounded by unhappy teenagers and carrying a firearm. But this?

This is pure theater.


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