Secretary of Education part II

Welcome back from Thanksgiving.

The new front-runner for Secretary of Education is Betsy DeVos.

Many of you may not know who she is. I certainly didn’t when her name came up, so naturally I did some research.

It turns out that Ms. DeVos is stridently anti-homosexual. She and her immediate family have donated hundreds of thousands of dollars to fight against marriage equality.

I don’t care that she’s not a big fan of public education as it is right now. Neither am I, to be honest. She likes vouchers; that doesn’t bother me. It makes me nervous that she’s been so heavily into religious education, but not so nervous that I would campaign against her on that basis alone. No, what bothers me is that she’s a bigot. Her donations have already damaged the rights of some of the most vulnerable students in our education system, at a time when things were finally starting to look up.

If this bothers you too, please call your union, and then call the other union. Remind them about the Stop the Hate letter, and urge them to put forth a better candidate.

EDIT: The AFT and NEA have both condemned DeVos’ nomination (those links are to their letters). These should be thank-you calls – but also, please urge them to put forth a better candidate.

National Education Association: (202) 833-4000
American Federation of Teachers: (202) 879-4400


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