Monthly Archives: December 2016

Office of Management and Budget

Massachusetts is a state known for its education and for its science research. We have eight institutions classified as “Research 1“, including MIT, Harvard, and Tufts. All of them rely on government funding for basic science research.

The currently proposed nominee for the Office of Management and Budget is Rep. Mick Mulvaney, who does not believe that the government should be in the business of funding science research.

Imagine MIT without basic science research. Now imagine CalTech, Berkeley, UIUC, Duke, Ohio State, Georgetown, Stanford, Yale, USC, and every other university in the USA ending up without funding for research in science, engineering, mathematics, and computer science.

This is called a “brain drain.” Scientists who cannot find funding will go where they can find it. If they don’t want to work in the corporate world (and many of us don’t), they’ll find it in Canada. Or the UK. Or anywhere. If you believe that the US should be great when it comes to science and education, losing some of our best scientists is a crummy way to start that.

To contact your governor, you can start at, or you can probably find the office phone number with a quick Google search. Call. Ask them to speak out against this.