Monthly Archives: May 2017

No More Vouchers, No More Charters

You’ve heard me defend voucher programs and charter schools here before.

I’m done with that.

Today is when I officially changed my stance. Why? Because Betsy DeVos, Secretary of Education, cannot find a single example of a case where she would stand up for students against state-level discrimination.

Here is her testimony.

Based on the context of the question, it is clear to me that when she says, “Too many students today are trapped in schools that don’t work for them,” (at about 3:44), this is a dog whistle for, “Those damn gays are everywhere and we should be able to keep them out.” Her unwillingness to stand up for at-risk students says everything.

As Secretary of Education, Ms. DeVos is the de facto leader of the push for increased use of vouchers, but it is clear that what she wants to do with them is to hurt those who are already at risk. I cannot associate myself with this in good conscience. If the charter movement wants support, it needs to throw itself against Ms. DeVos with all its might, because her bigotry now taints everything that they do.